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LCD Monochrome Screen
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12864 lcm dot matrix screen_ LCD_ Yellow Green screen

12864 lcm dot matrix screen_ LCD_ Yellow Green screen

  • 12864 LCD monochrome screen, 12864 lcm dot matrix screen
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Product Model:LCM12864A

Overall Dimension:78.00mmX70.00mm

Display Content:128X64

Interface Mode: single row parallel port

Glass Backlight: Yellow green

Working Voltage: 3.3V, 5V optional

Operating Temperature:-20℃~70℃

Storage Temperature:-30℃~80℃

Product Size:

Pin Definition:


       LCD12864 graphic dot matrix LCD can cooperate with other MCU to complete the display of Chinese characters, English characters and graphics. It can form a Chinese human-computer interaction graphical interface. The module is widely used because of its low power consumption and rich display content. It uses the liquid crystal to change the propagation direction of light after treatment, stimulate the liquid crystal molecules to produce points, lines and surfaces with current, and cooperate with the backlight to form a picture. Its display resolution is 128X64.


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