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What do you know about the characteristics of LCD?

Time : 2021-12-06 10:27:15 Popularity : 84

Compared with traditional CRT, LCD screen is not only small in size, thin in thickness, light in weight, low in energy consumption, low in operating voltage (1.5~6V), no radiation, no flicker, and can be directly matched with CMOS integrated circuits. LCD LCD display features:

1. Save electricity and avoid high temperatures.

This is a low power consumption power product, which can completely avoid heat (backlight tube or LED), CRT display due to the use of imaging technology, will inevitably produce high temperatures.

2. The body is thin, saving space.

LCD monitors have only the first third of the space compared to larger CRT monitors.

3. Low radiation is good for health.

LCD screens radiate much less than CRT screens (they are just low, not completely radiate-free, and electronics are more or less radiated), which is good news for people who work in front of computers all day.

4. Soft picture without eye damage.

Unlike CRT technology, LCD screens do not flicker, which reduces screen damage to the eyes and makes them less tired. LCD is a display method based on liquid crystal. LCD is an organic substance between solid and liquid. It becomes a transparent liquid when heated and a turbid crystalline solid when cooled. The LCD molecule changes in its arrangement under the action of an electric field, thereby affecting the change of light through it, which can be manifested as a change of light and dark through the action of a polarizer. Therefore, people control the electric field to ultimately control the change of light intensity, thus achieving the purpose of displaying images.


Title:What do you know about the characteristics of LCD?
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