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How to deal with screen font blurring

Time : 2021-11-15 10:08:29 Popularity : 103

What is a monochrome LCD screen? What should I do when the font of a monochrome LCD screen is blurred or the display font is faded? What exactly should we do? This is probably one of the issues that people care about. Below we introduce the solution to the problem of unclear LCD font:

Monochrome LCD screen single from the literal meaning to understand, in fact, is the meaning of a color. From the LCD industry to understand, that is, the meaning of black and white display, without color display, LCD display type can also be divided into dot matrix and segment code, monochrome LCD mostly refers to segment code LCD, color LCD generally refers to TFT.

Font blurring may be due to incorrect digital signal phase or pixel settings. This is less likely unless the phase and pixels of the signal have been misadjusted in the LCD control menu or the output signal of the graphics card does not match the LCD display.

Solution: Very simple, just need to adjust to normal display through the control keys on the LCD display panel.

Font blurring may also be because its resolution is not set to the best resolution for LCD.

Generally, first-time users will encounter similar problems. More experienced users know that LCD displays will have their own best resolution, which is determined by the physical structure of the LCD panel. For desktop computers, the best resolution of a 15-inch LCD display is usually 1024*768 and 1280*1024 for a 17-inch LCD display.

Solution: On the desktop, click the right mouse button, select the properties, and then select Set Tab. The lower left corner of the menu now appears is the slider bar to adjust the resolution. Drag it with the mouse to adjust it to the best resolution of the display. Then click Apply, the system will prompt you to keep the changes, then select OK.

The above are some related problems about how to handle font blurring on LCD screen. Do you know the reasons and solutions for font blurring on LCD screen? If you have any questions, you can consult our professionals and we will answer them in detail.

Title:How to deal with screen font blurring
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