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How to prevent static electricity of LCD

Time : 2021-10-14 14:08:19 Popularity : 97

LCD will be widely used in many electronic products. One thing has been widely welcomed. Everyone will think of solving some problems. And pay attention to some things. Let's talk about how to pay attention to the anti-static of LCD?

Electrostatic adsorption dust reduces the insulation resistance of components and shortens the service life; Electrostatic discharge (ESD) damage, resulting in the failure of electronic components; The electromagnetic field generated by electrostatic discharge has a large amplitude and wide spectrum. Such electrostatic noise and electromagnetic interference make electronic equipment unable to work normally or even damaged. Note during use:

1. The wristband should maintain the equipotential between the human body and the ground. ESD protection workbench shall maintain equipotential between device and ground. Static insulating materials shall not be placed arbitrarily in the safety area. The circuit board with IC must be handled on the anti-static workbench. Wristbands and shoe covers shall be tested every day to ensure that they meet the parameter requirements.

2. All instruments and equipment shall be grounded. Treat all components as electrostatic sensitive devices. Never touch sensitive devices or components without good grounding.

3. Do not take the IC installed in the anti-static tube without other anti-static measures. Use fixed-point ion eliminators in processes that may generate static electricity. If the IC is not on the process line or anti-static workbench, store them in a grounded shielded container. The gas and liquid flowing through IC shall be kept at a low speed.


Title:How to prevent static electricity of LCD
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