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Duel between LCD display and AMOLED in mobile phone field

Time : 2021-10-14 14:06:22 Popularity : 63

At present, there are AMOLED and LCD panels in the field of smart phones. HTC, a mobile phone manufacturer representing LCD, currently uses LCD display panels on all its flagship smartphones; The typical manufacturer of AMOLED is Samsung. Like a variety of technologies in other fields, the two display panels have their own advantages and disadvantages. Only by understanding themselves better can we choose a product more suitable for ourselves. Below, the author will share the differences between LCD and AMOLED mobile phone display for purchase.

The introduction of LCD has been mentioned in many articles before, and most people have been exposed to LCD. This paper first focuses on the basic characteristics of AMOLED.

AMOLED benefits:

OLED display technology, that is, organic light emitting diode, has the characteristics of self luminescence. It adopts very thin organic material coating and glass substrate. When there is current passing through, these organic materials will emit light. AMOLED is an improved "active matrix organic light emitting diode" on this basis. An independent thin film transistor is added to the ordinary OLED display panel, which can control each pixel faster and better. Compared with the traditional LCD panel, AMOLED has the characteristics of faster reaction speed, higher contrast and wider viewing angle. The response speed of AMOLED display can almost reach 1000 times that of traditional LCD display, and the power consumption is also very low when displaying dark color.

At the same time, due to the use of a single-layer touch panel, the AMOLED display also has the advantages of thinner, lighter, more sensitive and more power saving. At the same time, compared with the traditional LCD display, it is less easy to reflect without the glass cover, and it is easier to see the content in the bright sun.

AMOLED disadvantages:

The color gamut of AMOLED screen is also very wide, but also because the color gamut is too high, the feeling of AMOLED will be too bright. Therefore, sometimes AMOLED screen will look more energetic and unnatural.

Moreover, due to the use of the pentile pixel arrangement and the characteristics of self illumination, it is easy to appear asynchronous aging, especially compared with the LCD backlight panel, residual images will be left after long-term use or display of a still image. Finally, it will look uncoordinated in color, even yellowing, and finally burn the screen.

Only by comparing the actual products can we analyze them more specifically. At present, the representative products using AMOLED and LCD display technologies are undoubtedly Samsung Galaxy S4 and htcone.

1. The display effect of htcone is better outdoors, while the performance of Galaxy S4 is better indoors.

2. Galaxy S4 also has a wider visual angle than htcone, while htcone is more natural in color restoration and better in picture saturation than Galaxy S4.

3. Since the AMOLED panel of Galaxy S4 does not need backlight, Galaxy S4 consumes less power (only displays dark images). However, as time goes by, the screen of Galaxy S4 will gradually turn yellow or burn, but htcone performs better in this regard.

In fact, as the product becomes more and more advanced, the difference between the two becomes less and less obvious. For example, although the viewing angle of Galaxy S4 is wider than that of htcone, the latter's performance is not bad. On the other hand, under strong light, the galaxy S4 can also see very clearly without reflecting too much light. In addition, there are many other factors that can also have an important impact on the endurance time and display effect.


Title:Duel between LCD display and AMOLED in mobile phone field
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