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What is the material of "liquid crystal" in LCD strip screen

Time : 2021-10-14 14:03:25 Popularity : 51

What is the material of "liquid crystal" in LCD strip screen? LCD strip screen "liquid crystal" in LCD is one of the three main materials of LCD strip screen, which plays a great role. But many people don't know much about it. Next, I'll explain to you what the "liquid crystal" in the long LCD screen is!

First, the basic concept of LCD

Liquid crystal is a new physical form. It was discovered by Austrian scientist Friedrich reinz in 1888. When a substance is heated until the crystal melts, it becomes a milky cloudy liquid. If heating is continued, the milky liquid will become completely transparent, and this phenomenon will occur accordingly during cooling. Polarizing microscope observation shows that this milky liquid is different from ordinary liquid and shows optical anisotropy, that is, the molecules in the object have a certain degree of orderly arrangement, which is different from the traditional concepts of solid and liquid. It is defined as liquid crystal.

Second, precautions for the use of liquid crystal

1. Effect of ultraviolet light

Destroy carbon carbon bond, destroy polymer carbon chain and affect the above properties;

2. Impact of container

Good use is hard glass, a kind of high silicon boron glass. Ordinary glass bottles are made of sodium glass, and the resistivity of liquid crystals stored in glass containers will be reduced; Storage conditions of LCD strip LCD: sealed, dark, dry and room temperature.

3. Environmental impact

A small amount of conductive material is sufficient to reduce the resistivity because the liquid crystal resistivity is 1011-1012 ω/ cm2.

4. Effect of temperature

The sensitivity of liquid crystal to temperature is less than that to ultraviolet light. During use, the heating time of liquid crystal shall be reduced by a certain amount, and heating to a higher temperature, such as 35 ℃ higher than the freezing point, shall be avoided.

Third, the main uses and characteristics of liquid crystal:

1. Relative temperature T: it must be ensured that within the required temperature range, the whole system is nematic phase without crystallization or other phase states, such as smectic equivalence;

2. Dielectric coefficient δε: adjustment δε To meet the user's requirements for threshold voltage;

3. Optical anisotropy δ n: Adjust δ N to meet the user's requirements for different box thicknesses;

4. Pitch P: important parameters for determining the box thickness and chiral reagent addition.



      The above materials about the "liquid crystal" in the LCD strip screen are explained here, so we also need to pay attention to the above points when using the LCD strip screen, otherwise it will affect its use effect and service life. I hope the above sharing will be helpful to you.

Title:What is the material of "liquid crystal" in LCD strip screen
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