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Six common undesirable phenomena of LCD display screen

Time : 2021-10-14 13:57:08 Popularity : 234

With the continuous development of display technology, LCD display is favored by more and more industrial terminals. Many industrial terminals have many questions when buying LCD. How to check whether the LCD display is qualified? What are the undesirable phenomena of LCD display? As a manufacturer of LCD display screen, Xinping electronics comes to popularize science today.

1. Bright spot, color spot and dark spot

Bright spots, color spots and dark spots generally refer to abnormal small black or white color spots on the LCD display screen. Generally, it is caused by the collision of LCD display screen. This kind of loss cannot be repaired. Generally, it is required that how many inches of screen can get a few points.

2. Foreign matters and stains on LCD display

Foreign matters and stains on LCD display belong to bad appearance, but will not affect the display function. However, when the rest of the screen looks uncomfortable, this is also one of the bad phenomena of LCD display. Similar bad appearance can be reworked and cleaned.

3. Uneven color

The uneven color of LCD display screen is generally caused by the backlight. The uneven color is generally reflected in the whitening or yellowing of some positions. Generally, the backlight needs to be adjusted, or the color is uneven due to the long storage time and aging of the backlight. In this case, the backlight needs to be replaced directly.

4. LCD light leakage

The light leakage of LCD display screen can be directly seen by the naked eye. Light leakage is also a common adverse phenomenon, which belongs to poor function and cannot be delivered directly. The light leakage phenomenon of LCD is mainly caused by the compression of LCD frame during assembly, which is manifested as halo around or around the corner, but this light leakage phenomenon can not be found in general use. It can only be seen by displaying the detection picture in the full dark environment.

5. Scratches on LCD display

LCD screen scratches are poor in appearance and will not directly affect the display effect, but will affect the display effect. Generally, LCD screen scratches cannot be delivered directly, but the polarizer can be replaced for rework. Generally, the scratches introduced by the polarizer may also be caused in the production process.

6. Flower screen and black screen

LCD screen, flower screen or black screen must be a functional problem and cannot be delivered. However, the phenomenon of flower screen and black screen generally needs to be analyzed to analyze whether it is due to improper operation or production process, or the LCD screen is directly broken, directly scrapped and can no longer be used.

In the production of LCD, due to many raw materials and complex process, some adverse phenomena in the production process are also normal, but professional LCD manufacturers can reduce the probability of occurrence through raw material control and quality detection, so as to improve product quality.

Title:Six common undesirable phenomena of LCD display screen
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